What Is A Heat Exchanger?

What Is A Heat Exchanger?

A heat exchanger is a system that works to transfer heat between two or more fluids. Usually, these machines work to manage cooling and heating procedures. One of the most noteworthy uses of heat exchangers would be in air conditioning systems.

The liquid section of a heat exchanger often features specialized compounds such as a water-glycol solution or refrigeration. In many climates, steam and water are prone to issues such as freezing.

Water is a liquid, and it expands when it undergoes freezing, such as during the cold winter months. The issue can be challenging to replace, and it’s one of the main aspects that HVAC companies aim to address.

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Heat exchangers help to improve the functions of a system by transferring heat to where it’s required. The fluids in a heat exchanger often have an excellent flow to help accommodate the movement of heat. The excellent flow of heat helps to ensure that a heat exchanger can provide almost instant results.

Modern heat exchanger products have a mechanism that can help control pressure loss issues. Using heat exchangers efficiently in HVAC systems requires a technical approach and insight from a competent expert.

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How We Can Help

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