What does it take to become an HVAC technician?

What does it take to become an HVAC technician?

An HVAC technician in Addison TX performs important work designed to help residential and commercial property owners live in and work in safe and comfortable environments. However, HVAC networks are often complex and intricate and those qualified to work on said systems require a significant degree of training.

HVAC Overview

HVAC is an abbreviation for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. These systems are comprised of equipment used to comprise air delivery network inside a home or office designed to regulate internal temperatures and filter the air residents, staffers, or patrons breathe in.

Poorly functioning heat-producing apparatuses, air conditioners, and air filtration devices can interfere with personal comfort, potentially precipitate illness, and significantly increase a home or business’s energy costs.

An HVAC Technician’s Job

An HVAC technician in Addison TX and elsewhere performs several functions, such as installing, repairing, and replacing the features comprising HVAC networks. Moreover, said professionals are often asked to perform system checks ensuring these networks are performing in accordance with safety regulations and meeting energy-efficiency requirements.

Becoming A HVAC Technician

To attain the title of HVAC technician in Addison TX, you must complete a process containing several steps including:

Earning A High School Diploma Or GED Certificate

Typically, you will need hold at least a high school diploma or have earned a General Educational Development, often abbreviated as a GED certificate. Moreover, you are also strongly encouraged to have completed introductory courses in chemistry, physics, and other classes related to the physical sciences.

Enroll In An Accredited HVAC Training Program

There are several HVAC educational programs you might apply to depending on various different personal, professional, and financial factors. Certificate programs typically last about six months, associate degree programs can be completed in two years, and full four-year degree programs.

Coursework will cover subjects, such as system design, refrigeration, meeting industry code and safety standards, performing load calculations, mastering duct work and piping networks, energy management, and air quality.

Complete An Apprenticeship Program

Your skills will be honed through the completion of an apprenticeship program. Instruction in both a classroom and field settings you will be provided by an experienced professional.

That said, Texas law requires you to receive registered technician status before beginning this process. This documentation gives you authority to work under the supervision of a licensed technician or contractor.

Obtain Official Certification

The State of Texas requires you to obtain official certification before applying for or being hired for a job in the HVAC field. To qualify for said license, you must have worked under a licensed technician’s hand for two years, completed, at minimum, a 2,000-hour training program meeting the approval of the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration in the past four years, and pass a licensing exam.

To own an HVAC contracting business or perform services independently, you must obtain a Texas HVAC contractor license. Needed mandates, include having met all necessary educational requirements, holding certifications to work on specific units and chemicals, possessing viable, documented insurance, and passing a qualification exam.

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