The heat is here, is your server room ready?

The heat is here, is your server room ready?

Environmental conditions are constantly changing, and the rise in global temperatures has brought a dramatic increase in the number of hot days that have been reported around the world. And for data centers that house servers running IT equipment to public power services or enterprise applications, these changes can be disastrous.

As we see more hot days in the future, average temperatures will rise, and we’ll see more prolonged periods of temperature extremes – meaning more hot days that are hotter than ever before.

Server rooms need to be kept at a temperature that is optimal for the functioning of the hardware. If the room is too warm, it could have an adverse effect on the hardware.

If your server room is not adequately set up, this could result in a lot of problems. For example, if it’s too cold, your servers might get damaged, or they might overheat and crash. And if it’s too hot, your servers will also get damaged, and you might notice malfunctions in your system as well as server crashes.

A common reason for this issue is that there isn’t enough airflow inside the server room. This happens because there are no proper vents or windows to allow air to come in and out of the room as needed during hot days and cold nights.

But there is hope: With an intelligent climate control system, you can keep server rooms at a comfortable temperature, no matter what the outside air temperature is. The new products are designed to make data center life more sustainable, cost-effective, and easier to use.

We are witnessing an abundance of innovating startups that have arisen out of the need for better, more sustainable solutions in the data center environment. The latest innovations have been designed with sustainability in mind and can generate significant cost savings for enterprise customers.

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