The heat is here is your business ready?

The heat is here is your business ready?

Keep your Business Humming this Summer with Blackall Mechanical

The heat is on. The Texas summer is not the time to play fast and causal with your business’s air conditioning unit. We all know trying to work and be productive without air conditioning is impossible. The best way to avoid this misery and lost revenue is to have Blackall Mechanical – the best and most trusted HVAC company come out and ensure your system is in tip-top shape. They will perform the most comprehensive summer tune up in Addison TX.

You may be asking, why does my air conditioning unit need a summer tune up? Instead, you need to realize you can’t afford not to service your system. The risk of an unexpected breakdown is too great. Imagine a week interruption of your business? The chunk of lost revenue will quickly surpass the cost of this reasonably priced preemptive servicing.

Our skillful technicians will service your equipment and give you peace of mind throughout the brutal Texas summer. It’s always smart to maintain your company’s major mechanical systems so that you and your employees remain comfortable throughout the year. It also makes sense to keep your systems up to date with the latest parts and technology, to allow them to use less energy; saving you on energy costs.

HVAC Maintenance covers all the critical elements of an air conditioning unit including addressing usual wear, avoiding surprise breakdowns, increasing performance and energy efficiency and lowering operating costs. Blackall Mechanical’s summer tune-up includes the following and many more important inspections and replacements, such as coil inspection, checking for refrigerant charge, lubricating moving parts, checking belt and operating pressures and changing standard filters. We service all major brands and many lesser known models as well.

Another important part of the summer tune-up is the issue of the phaseout of R22 Gas. Here you have two choices, either replace the equipment with a newer system that runs on different refrigerant or retrofitting your existing system to run on newly approved gas. This is a decision that needs to made quickly as the cost of R22 is rising because of the decreasing supply, and will no longer be accessible by 2020.

At Blackall, our commitment to excellence shows in every service we perform. We put the customer first and always strive to exceed your expectations, not just meet them. We know you have many choices when it comes to HVAC service and repair. However, we also know choosing Blackhall Mechanical will be one of the smartest business decisions you’ll ever make. Do not wait. Schedule the best summer tune up in Addison TX today!