Summer Is Almost Over, Its Time to Check Your Heating System!

Summer Is Almost Over, Its Time to Check Your Heating System!

As the temperatures start to drop in your Lewisville, TX, commercial property, it’s time to check your heating system and prepare it for the next season. You need to keep your HVAC system in top shape to keep your commercial property warm throughout fall and into winter. So, at Blackall Mechanical, we want to assist you in keeping your heating system in optimal condition to ensure it functions efficiently and is ready to keep your facility running. We’ve outlined some tips to help you ensure your system works optimally throughout the year.

Continue Regular Maintenance
HVAC systems have numerous moving parts, which need a lot of maintenance. To be safe, you have to perform regular maintenance all year round to ensure you identify, prevent, and fix any potential problems before fall comes. This is something you have to partner with an expert to do, and Blackall Mechanical can help.

Change the Air Filter
Over time, debris and dust can build up inside the air filter. This issue affects your building’s indoor air quality and hampers the optimal performance of your system. Ensure you replace the air filter every three months to avoid establishing a stifling environment for your tenants and workers.

Inspect Heating-Specific Components
We recommend checking heating-specific parts such as gas pressure, oil/gas connections, heat exchanger, and burner combustion. Issues with such parts can create a fire hazard and put the safety and health of your tenants and employees at risk. In addition, it’s essential to ensure the burner and the heat exchanger are in good shape before the heating season begins.

Clean Air Ducts
Your HVAC system works best when all the pathways remain open and free of obstructions. Over time, dust and debris can accumulate in the ducts, reducing efficiency and slowing dry, warm air delivery during the heating season. Before the heating season begins, it’s imperative to have your heating system checked and cleaned by a reliable full-service HVAC and plumbing contractor in Lewisville, TX, like Blackall Mechanical.

Check the Thermostat
The thermostat is probably the most crucial component of a commercial system. It’s often the only part of your heating system that the building’s occupants come into direct contact with. This means it can result in intense battles if it works inefficiently. Have your thermostat inspected by a reputable HVAC service company to ensure it runs properly and meets your tenants’ comfort needs.

Consider Upgrades
If the results you have obtained from the inspection haven’t satisfied you, you can consider installing a new HVAC system. As the temperatures drop, your system will have to work harder to heat and ventilate the entire building. Thus, if it’s not functioning correctly, you might have to handle expensive consequences in the future. Today’s energy-efficient heating systems offer numerous benefits- from considerable energy cost savings to ensuring system dependability. Overall, the end of summer is the perfect time to upgrade your commercial HVAC system in Lewisville, TX, and nearby areas.

For more HVAC system maintenance tips, call HVAC specialists at Blackall Mechanical. We are a full service HVAC and plumbing contractor in Lewisville TX and nearby areas, ready to partner with commercial property owners like you to ensure proper and efficient operation of your heating system all year round.

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