It’s Time For Your Company’s Annual Checkup!

It’s Time For Your Company’s Annual Checkup!

Air conditioning is an important feature to have in a commercial building. Especially in Texas. With the hotter months closing in on us, you need to ensure that your AC is in the best condition for maximum indoor air quality. It might be time to schedule an AC check-up or maintenance on your building. To know when to get an AC check-up, there’s some indicators that might tell you that it’s time.



The best time to have schedule your AC maintenance is in the early spring because of the lower demand of service and mild temperatures. If it’s mid-spring and you still haven’t scheduled your check-up, it’s time. The closer that we get to summer the busier that service companies get. In early spring a lot of service company’s run specials just before they predict they will be busy. For you, this means fast service and likely lower pricing.


Warm Air

This most common indicator that your AC needs a check-up or maintenance is warm air. If your AC seems to be blowing warm air, start by checking the temperature on your thermostat. If the air coming through the vent is warmer than the temperature it’s set to, this could be a problem. You can test the system better by lowering the temperature on your thermostat, letting it work for about an hour and then see if anything changes. If nothing changes, you’ll want to get a professional service to check on your unit.



If you notice any unpleasant smells coming from your AC and filling your building, you’ll need to get a check-up done. These smells are often described as musty, egg-like, or smoke-like. These smells could indicate a problem with your AC. For the best help in identifying the smell, you’ll need a professional service technician to take a look at your unit. Odors aren’t something that you want to wait to have looked at, as this could reflect much larger and severe problems in your building.


Unusual Noise or Volume

It’s very common for AC units to make some noise when they are running. However, if your AC seems to sound louder than usual, you could have a problem with the unit. If you’re hearing unusual sounds such as buzzing or rattling, you could have a loose part in your unit. If the sounds are seemingly more like grinding or whistling, then this could indicate a much bigger issue. If you’re hearing unusual sounds coming from your AC unit, call a service technician like Blackall Mechanical right away.


Reduced Airflow

If you notice that your AC isn’t blowing as strong or as fast as it once was, you’ll feel it throughout the entire building. A weak airflow can be caused by a clogged filter, failing compressor or faulty ducts. Trying to diagnose where the issue is can be challenging, even for professionals. It’s best to call a technician to schedule service and diagnose the issue.


Higher Electric Bills

When your AC isn’t working properly, you will more than likely see higher electricity bills. Keep in mind that just because your electric bill is high, that doesn’t mean the issue is the AC unit. There are many other factors that can cause higher electric bills. However, you may want to have a service technician check your AC unit to be sure. Problems with ducts, thermostats or leaking can cause your unit to work harder, resulting in higher electricity bills


A professional service like Blackall Mechanical in Addison, TX can help you check your HVAC system and diagnose any issues we find. We have over 135 years of combined experience and have experience with most all issues, unit types and unit sizes. We’ll help you find the problem and put together a solution to get your building feeling comfortable again. Call Blackall Mechanical today to schedule your AC check-up or maintenance.

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