It’s time for your company’s AC checkup!

It’s time for your company’s AC checkup!

It’s that time of the year again! Summer is on us, and the weather is getting warmer. This means it’s important for you to take this time of year–especially during these hot summer days—to make sure that your commercial AC units are working correctly to keep your building cool while saving money at the same time.… it’s time for your company’s AC checkup!

Commercial HVAC systems can be a significant expense for any business owner, but they also play an essential role in keeping employees productive and safe. If your system isn’t functioning correctly, it could lead to increased energy costs, lost revenue, and even accidents among your employees. Make sure you keep up with regular maintenance so that when summer hits (and believe us – it will!) this year, you’re ready to take on anything mother nature throws at you! Regular maintenance is the key to ensuring that your company’s air conditioner will keep running smoothly and efficiently for years to come. Our company’s team of specialists will help you identify any issues with your Commercial HVAC in Addison TX, and make a plan for regular maintenance to keep your commercial system running smoothly.

While most business owners think that the only time a commercial HVAC system should be serviced is during the summer months when it’s hot outside, it needs checking year round! This is because even if your unit doesn’t seem like it has been working hard or looking dirty from all those dirt particles in the air (it probably does!), there are still plenty of things going on inside of it. And so long as everything is functioning well – which includes not just cooling but also minimizing sound levels and energy consumption, it will continue to do so. Preventative maintenance is key to making sure that your unit is running well. You want to make sure that any minor problems are fixed before they have the opportunity to become significant issues.

Regular maintenance can help prevent more serious repairs in the future!

Regular HVAC checkups will ensure your commercial system is functioning correctly and keep it efficient and cost-effective. It’s essential for businesses with larger systems (i.e., more than one ton of cooling capacity) to schedule regular tune-ups during the winter and summer months, so their units don’t overheat or underperform. Demand increases during peak seasons (especially those with seasonal extremes) and these checkups should typically be scheduled every six months.

Our team at Blackall Mechanical offers the following tips to ensure your commercial HVAC is functioning correctly:

– Your Commercial System should be serviced and tuned up twice a year (in winter, summer)
– Keep filters clean or replace them as needed
– Regularly check refrigerant levels to make sure they are at proper setpoints
– Perform routine inspections for leaks in system parts like tubing connections, gas valves, drain pans, condensers, and motors. These can result in significant water damage if left unchecked!

If you have any questions about scheduling an AC inspection with our team of experts for your Commercial HVAC in Addison TX, please don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’re happy to answer all your questions regarding regular maintenance procedures so that we may help keep your Commercial HVAC system in prime condition.


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