How HVAC service helps Indoor Air Quality

How HVAC service helps Indoor Air Quality

Your HVAC unit does more than regulate your office’s temperature. The unit can negatively or positively impact your indoor air quality. Your HVAC unit affects your office’s indoor air quality in several ways, including:

*Provides adequate ventilation

*Eliminates pollutants and odors

*Regulates indoor humidity

HVAC units can remove debris and dirt from the air. During seasons where bacteria, viruses, and other allergens are more common in your office space, you require a solution that offers protection from harmful airborne germs. Enhancing your HVAC unit is the best way to prevent yourself and other people working in your office from being exposed to airborne germs.

How HVAC can help improve Indoor Air Quality

Exposure to polluted air makes you vulnerable to many health concerns, including respiratory problems, cardiovascular disease, eye irritation, etc. An HVAC service and maintenance is essential in ensuring you and your staff work in a healthy and comfortable environment.

1. Cleaning or Replacing the Air Filter

An HVAC filter prevents dust from entering your office’s heating and cooling unit. The filter can also impact your office’s air quality. The air circulating through your HVAC unit goes through the filter before being released into the atmosphere. Therefore, cleaning your filter will ensure you regularly have cleaner air in your office.

2. Cleaning the Air Ducts

Ensure to thoroughly clean your unit’s air ducts regularly to maintain quality air circulating in your office. When dirt and debris accumulate in the ductwork, it can increase air pollution in your office over time.

3. Cleaning the Coils

Your HVAC unit relies on its coils to be effective and efficient. The evaporation coil absorbs the heat and humidity from your office space. Your AC’s coil supplies the heat outside. You must inspect your unit’s coils from dirt and debris and clean them at least twice a year.

4. Give Your HVAC Unit a Thorough Checkup

Your HVAC unit needs a thorough checkup to continue supplying quality air in your office. You should check your system for grimy and dirty coils, leaks, broken and malfunctioning components, and other problems. These issues can affect your unit’s capacity to cool your office and maintain the correct humidity levels, exposing you to harmful air pollutants. Contact Blackall Mechanical to schedule your HVAC repair and maintenance service in Addison, TX. Our certified technicians can handle any problem in your HVAC unit to ensure you continue to enjoy quality air in your office.

Indoor Air Quality in Addison TX

Besides improving the quality of air in your office, we can offer routine HVAC maintenance to enhance the effectiveness of your HVAC unit to lower your monthly energy bills. Our goal is to ensure your HVAC unit works correctly all year long. Our HVAC technicians can inspect and clean the various components in your unit, such as the coils and filters, and repair them accordingly.

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