Dear valued Customer;  

While we are all trying to maintain an environment that will keep you and us safe, we, at Blackall Mechanical, will provide you with the very latest and best technologies to improve the air quality that you and your employees, customers and other personnel breathe every day while at the workplace.  To that end I have attached some important information provided to us by our new partners at Global Plasma Solutions (GPS).  Right now indoor air quality ( IAQ) and COVID – 19 is a huge concern in the workplace. To give you an example: In the last two months GPS quoted over $11M dollars’ worth of this technology.  At Blackall Mechanical, we have installed several hundred in the last few weeks in our customer’s businesses.  

The PDFs below have a great deal of information about the products along with specifications, and Certified Laboratory studies on the technology of the devices themselves. ( see PRESS RELEASE).  There are different types of applications that will not only deactivate “kill” viruses, bacteria, mold and remove Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) from the air, they will remove odors as well as keep the coils clean in the units making them more efficient.  

If you have an interest in learning more about this technology, please call me to discuss.  

Meanwhile, stay safe and do your part to beat this Pandemic so we can all get back to our normal lifestyles.