Don’t Leave Your Employees in the Cold Get Your HVAC System Checked Before Winter

Don’t Leave Your Employees in the Cold Get Your HVAC System Checked Before Winter

Every winter that rolls around it is the same story. Your HVAC system either breaks down or starts to wear out, and you are left with two choices: put up with shivering employees until spring, or bring in a full service HVAC and plumbing contractor in Lewisville TX to fix it before things get worse. The former choice might be more expensive up front, but if your business relies on heating for anything – like manufacturing plants do – then you need to make sure that your HVAC system is running at its best all year round. This article will discuss some of the most common issues that arise during the winter months and what you can do about them.

1 – System Efficiency is Dragged Down by Frost
Every winter, the HVAC system in your facility needs to push against cold air that freezes up all the moisture in the air. This makes for a nasty environment for any equipment. Even worse, if ice or frost forms on coils or fans, it impedes their ability to function optimally. Don’t let this happen. When you notice your condenser coils are looking hazy with frost, call an expert before damage sets into your expensive equipment. Not only will they be able to address any issues immediately, but they can also provide preventative maintenance to ensure that things don’t get too bad over time.

2 – High Electricity Bills Because of Running Heating All the Time
Another common issue you might notice over the winter months is your electricity bills skyrocket. If the temperature in your facility’s conditioned spaces isn’t cold enough, then it can cause the system to continuously run trying to keep up with demand. This constant running will increase your bill and waste energy as well. To help prevent this from happening, ask a technician to inspect all of the components that control heating and cooling throughout your facility and make recommendations on what needs to be updated or replaced if they find any problems.

3 – Heat Isn’t Being Distributed Effectively Throughout Your Space

If not addressed quickly, poor airflow throughout a structure can lead to “cold spots” where building occupants are left shivering. Obviously, you don’t want any of your employees to feel cold, especially in manufacturing plants where drafts can cause damage to sensitive equipment. If you notice that there are suddenly colder spots within your facility or that the temperature is slowly dropping throughout different areas then it could be time for a technician to come to figure out what might be slowing down airflow.

So while many people complain about the winter months because of the cold weather outside, this season also brings up other challenges for companies who rely on their HVAC systems to produce heat. Make sure you address these issues before temperatures go past freezing so that your business can function at its best. If you have any questions about HVAC maintenance during the winter months, please contact us and talk to a full service HVAC and plumbing contractor in Lewisville TX and we will be more than willing to help.

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