Why use a camera in a pipe?

Why use a camera in a pipe?

When a sewer line blockage occurs in communities around Addison TX, it’s up to a trained plumber to determine the source of the problem. Although several different ways could be used to make that determination, the most preferred method is the use of modern plumbing line cameras. The camera supplies it’s own light source, so nothing can hide.

They will give real-time images of the condition of the pipe and identify the reason for the blockage. The waterproof, high-definition camera is attached to a flexible length of rod and attached light. It’s then run through the pipe, sending back images to a connected monitor that the technician uses to see where the blockage exists. Because it is flexible, it can maneuver around the different bends of the pipe with ease, sending back super-sharp images which can also be recorded for future reference.

So what are some of the problems the camera can identify? The most common trouble areas of concern seen in Addison, TX, are a cracked, broken or dislodged pipe, a buildup of dirt and debris, or roots that are growing in the line.

Roots growing in the Sewer Line

With the moist and fertile environment that exits in a sewer line, roots can grow and build up around the line and break right through it. It’s a common problem and the camera can locate the exact portion of the pipe where the pipe has to be addressed. Then the technicians can diagnose what needs to be done to remove the roots. This could be done with a rooter to bore through them, with a treatment to destroy the roots, or possibly replacing the sewer line directly.

Corrosion and Leaking pipes

A leaky pipe is usually determined by noticing odors coming from the surface around where the crack is leaking into the ground. Since the camera can isolate the exact spot of the leak, digging and repairing (or replacing) of the pipe can be kept to a minimum, which will mean lowered expense for the property owner.

Cleaning the Drain

Clogged drains can often be taken care of with relative ease. However, we don’t know this with certainty unless we use video cameras for inspection. Video cameras help us to see the level of blockage, so we can determine the right drain cleaning tool: there are many options! They can also check their work more easily when it’s done.

Many times a clog can be corrected easily, but that would be impossible to judge, without the use of the camera. It will be used for checking the initial degree of blockage to determine the method needed for cleaning of the pipes. It is used both during the initial inspection as well as afterward, to check on the pipe’s condition after cleaning has been completed.

The state of the art plumbing line cameras in Addison TX, has become an essential go-to tool for plumbing professionals. It saves both time and money in the diagnosing of all types of sewer line blockages for property owners today.

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