What Service Needs to be Done to Your Company's Furnace?

What Service Needs to be Done to Your Company's Furnace?

Furnaces need inspection and servicing at least once a year. It is important to keep it serviced because it can cause deadly carbon monoxide poisoning or leave you cold during the winter. Most people don’t realize that their furnace needs servicing until winter comes around and it blows cold air or refuses to power on. You keep your eyes open for signs of an issue. Doing so can keep your furnace from breaking down completely and save you money for extensive repairs. There are a few things you can check for if you noticed that your furnace has stopped working or doesn’t seem to be working properly.


Your furnace will most likely need repairs if you notice any of the following:


  • Loud scraping, thumping, banging, and other unusual noises.
  • Pulling of water underneath or near the furnace.
  • Weak or no airflow.
  • Gas odor leaking from the front end
  • An increase in your utility bill that is unexplained.
  • Air blowing from the furnace that is cold.
  • A thermostat that seems to not be working.
  • Cycling seems frequent or constant.
  • You have a furnace that is over 12 years.
  • Your furnace hasn’t been serviced in over a year.


If your furnace seems to have stopped working, you should check for the following:


  • Something simple that is often overlooked would be to check that your power switches on if it is separate.
  • You should shut off power to your furnace and a professional should be called if you notice that a fuse has been blown or the circuit breaker has tripped.
  • The motor should be cooled down for at least half an hour before pressing it if one is present. This process may have to be repeated 3 times.
  • The thermostat setting should be set up to 5 degrees to make sure it will turn on.
  • The pilot light should be lit with the gas valve open if you have a gas furnace. The oil level should be checked if you have an oil furnace.


Should You Replace or Repair?


Deciding whether you should replace or repair an older furnace may be a difficult decision. Expert help and advice from a professional heating company can help you stay warm and save on expensive costs. Blackall Mechanical provides Furnace service in Addison TX and the surrounding areas. Blackall Mechanical is the leading plumbing contractor and leading full-service HVAC company in the area that can help you quickly inspect and or install your new system which will meet your specifications. Efficiency is compensated with old bulky equipment. Heat bills can be lowered by installing a new energy-efficient furnace.


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