What is needlepoint bipolar ionization

What is needlepoint bipolar ionization

As many locations begin the reopening process in the wake of Covid-19 health crisis, many municipal, state and federal government and health officials are struggling to formulate regulations enabling this process be completed with the least possible risk to your health.

One major concern associated with the reopening of indoor establishments, such as restaurants, bars, libraries, shopping centers and theatres is the potential for airborne pathogens to circulate inside the air conditioning and ventilations systems of such facilities and substantially increase your chances of contracting the potentially deadly disease.

Fortunately, a process known as needlepoint bipolar ionization may help air conditioning and ventilation systems produce and circulate cleaner air. Blackall Mechanical, which provides HVAC in Addison TX, invites you to read the following brief blog providing an overview of the process and the potential associated health benefits.

Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Overview

This process, sometimes abbreviated as NPBI, is an advanced air filtration process that is thought to eliminate a significant number of airborne pathogens, such as mold spores, allergens and other microbial agents capable of precipitating a host of illnesses, including Covid-19.

Process Overview

HVAC systems equipped with NPBI systems utilize electricity to produce particles known as ions. These electrified materials combine with water vapor and oxygen to create substances called free radicals. As the presence of free radicals grows, these particles are believed to absorb and eliminate a discernible concentration of potentially detrimental airborne pathogens.

Benefits Of HVAC Systems Equipped With NPBI Technology

In addition to air purification produced by the ionization process, another significant benefit NPBI systems hold over other HVAC and ventilation filtration systems is the capacity to restrict the penetration and flow of outside air. Preventing excessive concentrations of air to enter the unit reduces the number of and amounts of pathogens and other potentially hazardous materials from entering the construction in question.

Research Examining The Effectiveness Of NPBI Technology

Studies have been conducted investigating the effectiveness of needlepoint bipolar ionization. During these examinations, researchers placed discernible samples of various common pathogens into petri dishes and exposed said materials to the NPBI process for durations lasting anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour.

Upon completion of the study, researchers found the concentration of all substances reduced by a bare minimum of 69 percent. However, the concentrations of eight of the nine potentially dangerous microbes were reduced by 86 percent or more and seven experienced reductions of greater than 90 percent.

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