What Is Geothermal Heating?

What Is Geothermal Heating?

Dallas TX businesses have numerous choices regarding the process by which energy is delivered to their establishments. Blackall Mechanical requests you consider choosing commercial geothermal heating.

Geothermal Heating Overview

Geothermal heating occurs when the natural heating generated by the earth’s natural underground temperatures are employed as an external energy source.

The Process

Heat generated as much as 30 feet below the earth’s surface is transmitted to the surface and into a commercial structure through the use of apparatuses called ground-source heat pumps. These channels transfer heat from and to the ground. In turn, this source can provide adequate hot water, internal heating and cooling.


Commercial geothermal heating can be delivered using a variety of systems.

The vast majority of geothermal heating systems used in the United States are of the closed-loop variety. This particular network uses heat exchangers to circulate and process fluid needed to transfer heat. Energy is delivered through an enclosed piping system situated well beneath the ground’s surface.

Open-loop systems process water from an external, open source like a well. Once the network accesses this water, the resource is transmitted through the system only to be returned to the ground.

Associated Benefits


Energy industry insiders maintain that geothermal systems last longer than most other delivery networks. The lifespan for most internal features like pumps is 25 years. Moreover, the piping of closed-loop networks could remain in optimal working condition for up to 50 years.

Energy Efficiency

These same energy experts also opine that geothermal systems often significantly reduce a business’s reliance on electricity. Researchers have discovered that geothermal energy produces roughly four units of energy for every one unit produced by an electrical system. Such energy efficiency is said to reduce utility costs by as much as 65 to 70 percent.

Limited Environmental Impact

Geothermal heating systems are considered amongst the most environmentally-friendly energy-producing networks. These systems merely transfer heat to produce energy. Other networks must first burn fuel. Oftentimes, the fuel-burning process can exert a negative influence on surrounding air, soil and water.


Geothermal systems are considered safer. Businesses using fuel-burning systems run the risk of being exposed to potentially dangerous byproducts like carbon monoxide. Moreover, these systems do not recycle air. This means employees and patrons will not be subjected to particles like dirt, dust, ad allergens.

Creature Comforts

Networks using geothermal energy are believed to operate far more quietly than do other energy-generating systems.

Consistent Hot Water

Those investing geothermal heat will not need water heaters to process and warm water needed to perform actions like cooking and hand washing. Therefore, expensive replacements or repairs will not be necessary.

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