When is it time to replace that ageing HVAC unit

When is it time to replace that ageing HVAC unit

With summer upon us and the AC getting ready to crank up, you may be wondering (and even worrying) if your aging HVAC system is going to be able to take this summer’s heat without costly emergency repairs.

At Blackall Mechanical, we’re here to help prepare your system for the summer – or, if need be, we can also help you replace your old unit with a state-of-the-art energy-efficient system that will give you peace-of-mind, cold air and cool savings for years to come!

When do I know it’s time to replace my aging HVAC unit?
If you’ve been having your system routinely serviced, the unit may be running just fine and could give you more years of use. On the other hand, there are several benefits that may very well justify replacing your un

it with a new one sooner than later. Consider the following:· The age of your unit: If your commercial HVAC system is 15 to 20 years old, it’s probably time to consider replacing it. Most commercial HVAC systems are less efficient and due for an upgrade when they’re that age.

· Wear & Tear: Depending on the quality of your system and the level of maintenance it has received, your HVAC upgrade could be overdue by the time it reaches 15 years old. If it has experienced a significant amount of wear and tear, it probably doesn’t heat or cool as efficiently as it used to. Consider your energy bills. If they’ve increased recently, your HVAC unit may be the reason. It often is.

· Malfunctions: When it comes to HVAC units, some malfunctions are simple to repair (such as a blown fuse, dirty filter, or a motor that needs oiling) while others (like a broken furnace fan or refrigerant issues) should be left to the pros. If the malfunctions your HVAC system is experiencing are serious enough, you may need to replace the system entirely.

· Outdated: As you may be aware, the Environmental Protection Agency is phasing down the refrigerant known as R-22, which has been discovered to deconstruct the ozone layer. In January of 2020, R-22 will no longer be produced, so if your HVAC system still operates on this type of refrigerant, you may want to consider a newer, more environmentally friendly option. This issue regarding the R22 phasedown alone is important enough to make one consider replacing an older system sooner than later. After R22 is no longer manufactured – in just a short time from now — there’s no telling how much availability there will of it. And if you can find it, the price could be exorbitant.

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