It’s time for your Heat Exchanger Inspection!

It’s time for your Heat Exchanger Inspection!

If you ask most homeowners what a heat exchanger is, you’re likely to receive blank stares. But a heat exchanger is an important part of your furnace that can be a serious safety issue if cracked or broken. That’s why you should be sure to have your heat exchanger inspected annually – and Blackall Mechanical is here to help!

What is a Heat Exchanger?
Simply put, a gas furnace’s heat exchanger is the component that actually heats the air. It’s comprised of a set of tubes or coils that repeatedly loops through the airflow inside the furnace to heat the air. The shape of the coils depends on the type or model of your furnace.

What is the danger of a cracked or broken heat exchanger?
If there’s a crack in the heat exchanger, then the gas being burned off – including carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide or nitrous oxide – can leak into your home, causing illness and even death in extreme cases. It’s important to keep in mind that even if your furnace may look and seem fine, there’s still a chance that dangerous gases could be leaking into your home. While it’s always recommended to have a professional inspection of your heat exchanger, there are some telltale signs you may notice if it’s cracked or broken. These include:

· Soot. If you see evidence of soot — a black carbon buildup — on the inside of the furnace, it’s a sign your furnace <> isn’t burning cleanly. Incomplete combustion usually causes an increase in soot. The source could be improperly adjusted burners or a cracked heat exchanger.
· Corrosion and/or cracks on other furnace components. When other external parts of your furnace start showing signs of wear and tear, it’s highly possible that the internal parts are also beginning to wear. Stress cracks are relatively common and can occur with the expanding and contracting of components during heating and cooling. Also, components can become corroded with the exposure to fumes emitting chloride or moisture from other sources.
· Strange odors. A malfunctioning heat exchanger often creates a strong and unpleasant odor similar to formaldehyde. It can cause you headaches as well as other physical symptoms. If you smell anything similar to formaldehyde, contact Blackall immediately and we’ll send one of our experienced technicians to inspect and evaluate your heat exchanger.
· Water on the floor. If you find water on the floor at the base of your furnace, and you don’t have a furnace condensation issue, there’s a strong likelihood it’s your heat exchanger. Only a professional HVAC technician can help determine the source of the issue.

Call Blackall Mechanical today for your heat exchanger inspection.
If you notice any of the telltale signs mentioned above, call Blackall immediately for an inspection of your heat exchanger. For the future, it’s best to schedule annual service of your furnace, which will include a heat exchanger inspection. If there is a problem, our technicians will tell you if it’s repairable – or if it would be more cost efficient for you to replace your furnace.

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