Summer Is Almost Over. How Has Your Company's AC System Held Up?

Summer Is Almost Over. How Has Your Company's AC System Held Up?

Anyone’s air conditioning system will do most of its work during the heat of summer. However, commercial AC systems have a lot more work to do than residential units. When summer is almost over, how has your company’s AC system held up?

Checking Things Out

If you had someone look over your commercial HVAC in Addison TX before the summer, then certain things were inspected. The checklist at the closing of summer isn’t much different.

If you didn’t have anyone check your system before the temperatures went up, then you definitely need a professional inspection as cooler temperatures show up.

Every HVAC installation is different, but these are common items on a commercial HVAC in Addison TX checklist:

  1. Inspect the air filter
  2. Change the air filters when necessary
  3. Verify thermostat accuracy and functionality
  4. Clean the condensate line
  5. Clean up the drip pan
  6. Clean the outdoor condenser unit
  7. Make sure the condenser unit has enough room
  8. Check out the whole duct system
  9. Clean out the blower assembly
  10. Clean all the ignition switches
  11. Lubricate or replace belts as need be
  12. Clean out the blower housing
  13. Inspect the heat exchanger
  14. Clean the evaporator coil
  15. Test all safety controls
  16. Measure the refrigerant level
  17. Inspect the compressor
  18. Lubricate the fan blades and motor
  19. Look over the control wiring, box, and switches

Why Take Care of the AC Now?

Taking care of your HVAC system is important for many reasons. Even if you had it checked out before summer, you should have it looked at again for four very big reasons:

  1. Saving Money: Energy Star states that cooling down inside air can eat up as much of your total commercial electric bill. A commercial HVAC in Addison TX in great condition runs more efficiently and uses less power.
  2. Preventing Later Hassles: If your commercial system has wound up with problems, it’s better to take care of them now rather than finding a bigger headache next spring. Preventing costly repairs is another way to save money.
  3. Better Employee Performance: A comfortable and healthy professional environment reduces sick days but improves mood and morale. Your team will work faster, better, and with fewer errors.
  4. Enhance Customer Experience: If your business is open to the public, then you want them to be comfortable while doing business with you. Pleasant shopping experiences mean better online ratings, and if they can stay cool in your business more so than outside then they might just stay longer.

Texas weather can prove pretty wild at times, so keep in mind that you might run your HVAC even in the fall, winter, and spring. Doing a check-up at the end of summer keeps you ready for the rest of the year.

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