Spring is here it’s time to get your system checked

Spring is here it’s time to get your system checked

With the outdoor temperatures rising and spring on the way, it’s time to get your central air conditioner checked by a licensed HVAC professional. This is because damaged can occur to your A/C unit over the winter, causing it to lose performance, which could leave you without air conditioning on hot summer days and increase your summer cooling bills.

How Your Air Conditioner Loses Performance Over the Winter

The loss of air conditioner performance starts with improper winter preparation. Just prior to winter, homeowners are advised to completely turn off the unit using the circuit breaker near the unit. This prevents sudden operation during particularly warm winter days. Next, the unit should be washed to remove dirt, debris, twigs and insect carcasses. Once the unit is dry, it is recommended to cover it to prevent moisture infiltration, which can cause mold and mildew problems inside the condenser. During the winter, the homeowner should remove all snow and ice accumulations and make sure the cover is secure and has not blown away.

If these steps weren’t performed, you could be in for a surprise the next time you turn on your unit. This is because the accumulation of snow and ice in the interior of the unit can cause mold, mildew and corrosion to develop while the unit is inactive. Your unit may also lose charge over the winter, especially if a slow coolant leak developed late the summer season, and if you start your unit with low coolant levels, it will cause the unit to work harder and longer during the summer months, increasing wear and tear.

Improving A/C Performance and Function with HVAC Spring Tune Ups

You can improve the performance of your central air conditioner with an spring tune up. HVAC spring tune ups include:

  • Checking Your HVAC System for Winter Damage
  • Checking Coolant Levels
  • Inspecting and Checking Electrical Connections
  • Cleaning and Removing Dust and Debris from Your HVAC Unit
  • Changing Your Air Filter
  • Checking Your Thermostat for Proper Operation
  • Checking and Cleaning Coils
  • Starting and Testing Your Unit for Proper Operation

If any worn parts are noticed, they will be replaced. If your coolant is low, our HVAC technicians will check for leaks, replace any damaged coils and recharge your unit. Once your HVAC spring tune-up is complete, you will be able to enjoy cool, dehumidified air all summer long while keeping your summer cooling bills affordable because your air conditioner will be operating within the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines. Not to mention, getting regular maintenance can extend the useful life of your HVAC unit and help prevent frequent costly repairs.

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