Safety first, get your business ready for the winter!

Safety first, get your business ready for the winter!

When the winter season is near, you need to take the necessary precautions. It is because winter weather threatens the operation of your business. For instance, it is almost impossible to open your business during regular hours, which means you won’t gain as much profit.

Additionally, cold can stress  your employees. Therefore, you need to prepare to ensure the safety of everyone involved with your business. Here is how to get your business ready for winter.

Protect Against the Cold
To get your business ready for winter, you need to protect yourself and your employees against the cold. You need to contact a professional HVAC contractor to inspect it and confirm that it is in good working condition. Conduct regular maintenance checks to ensure that the HVAC runs as it should.

Thermostat problems, dripping, airlocks, and leakage could mean that your HVAC system is not in good condition. As a result, your energy bill is likely to increase.

You can also do the following to protect yourself against the cold:

Seal Any Leaks
According to the energy department, Americans spend $2000 on energy annually, almost $400 goes to waste through air leaks and drafts. Therefore, before winter starts, you need to hire a professional HVAC contractor to inspect your business premises for leaks and drafts.

You are likely to find gaps in the doors and windows. By sealing the gaps, you reduce your energy consumption.

Ensure That Insulation Is Perfect
Insulating your business premises is essential because it reduces the exchange of heat through the walls and ceilings. If the insulation is okay, the chances of warm air escaping during winter are very minimal. Hire a professional contractor to evaluate your insulation. They will recommend how to improve insulation.

Automate the thermostat
An automated thermostat can help reduce your heating expenses. During off-peak hours you can set the thermostat lower than peak hours.

Prepare the Pipes
It would be best if you prepared the pipes on your business premises to avoid bursting. During winter, the freezing temperatures can freeze the water inside the pipes, which builds pressure, and over time, the pipes will burst. Therefore, ensure that all the pipes in your business are correctly insulated.

Change Furnace Filters
Before the winter month sets in, it is advisable to inspect the furnace filters and change them if necessary. Clogged filters restrict airflow, thus increased energy demand.

Place Energy-Efficient Glazing on Your Windows and Doors
Most of the generated heat escapes through the doors and windows. Therefore, it is essential to place energy-efficient on them.

Identify a Contingency Plan
As a business owner, it is advisable to have a contingency plan in place. In case of disaster, you need to have a plan to ensure that your business continues to operate. For instance, your contingency plan should include details of where to set a temporary shop or where your employees can work from.

If it is impossible to re-locate, you can keep in touch with your customers to let them know that your business is not operational at the moment.

The above are some of the ways to prepare your business for winter. However, as you prepare, ensure that you conserve energy.

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