It's the middle of the heating season how is your system holding up.

It's the middle of the heating season how is your system holding up.

Halfway Through the Heating Season, How is Your Heating System Performing?
It is heating season in Addison, TX. We are half way through the winter. Now is a really good time to examine how your heating system is performing, so it can serve you faithfully for the rest of the season and beyond.

Regular Maintenance –

One issue that is key for the dependability of your heating system is in having regular maintenance checks. At Blackall Mechanical, we suggest a yearly heating system maintenance in order to keep your system running at top efficiency and to find and fix problems when they are still small. Also, we have HVAC system contracts we offer to businesses in our area in order to help them keep the comfort level all year long.

Changing Filters –

Do you know that changing your filters on your furnace does two important things. Obviously, it keeps your furnace working at its top efficiency because it allows the furnace to blow the optimal amount of air in the system. This helps your furnace work at peak efficiency and does not stress your blower or other parts. Also, changing your air filters in your furnace keeps your indoor air quality safe and clean. This is a health issue.

Simple Heater Safety and Performance Issues –

One simple safety issue that you can perform easily is to ensure that vents and the furnace or heater itself are not blocked in any way. It is really essential to have the optimal airflow moving in the system. Otherwise, your heater will be straining and struggling and not running at top efficiency. This can reduce the lifespan of your heater and waste you money.

Also, since furnaces and other heating appliances work on an optimal airflow moving through the system, you really cannot save any money by blocking off vents to unused rooms. In fact, if you block too many vents, you can cause premature damage and failure to heater components. It is essential to keep all the vents open.

Evidence of Poor Performance –

The following are warning signs that you need to have us come out and take care of performance issues related to your heating system:

  • The vent airflow is weak
  • The air out of the vents is only lukewarm, not fully warm
  • You are hearing unusual banging, clanging, or knocking sounds in your furnace or heater
  • You need to reset the thermostat over and over but still cannot get the desired room temperature

It is important to keep up on regular heater maintenance and deal with poor performance issues quickly because it will prolong the life of your heater. Also, you will not spend money lost to higher energy costs from a system that is not performing at its peak and is struggling. The performance issue might just be a small repair.

At Blackall Mechanical, we have NATE-certified technicians with a combined total of over 135 years of experience serving the Addison area for all of your heating, air conditioning, and plumbing needs. We are an industry-leading company. Our company prides itself on our honesty and integrity and getting the job done right the first time.

It is heating season in Addison. Call us at Blackall Mechanical with any questions or concerns you have about your heating system or to schedule maintenance. We are able to do the simplest heating repair or maintenance all the way up to major new commercial construction of heating systems. If your heating system is not working, we have 24/7 emergency service because we do not want to ever leave our customers out in the cold.

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