It is getting colder is your furnace ready?

It is getting colder is your furnace ready?

If you live in Addison TX, you know how cold it can get in the winter. What a lot of people forget, is that a sudden breakdown in your HVAC system or furnace can cost you dollars and heartache. To stay ahead of the game, it would be wise for a professional to check your system at least once a year. Just changing your furnace filter regularly is not enough. Make sure your professional is also a plumbing expert since plumbing is a major component of all HVAC systems. Why get furnace service once a year? Well here is a list of 3 problems that could cause you failure down the road, and you may be unaware of them

1. Drop in pressure
This is called static pressure, and if not correct can cause many problems including premature blower motor or compressor failure. Sometimes there are indicators such as hot spots or cold spots. What could be happening is too much air or too little air is moving through your Ductworks. An expert will check your system for the optimal static pressure. Special equipment will be needed to eliminate high pressure or low pressure as the culprit for an inefficient HVAC system.

2. Increased moisture
This is not good for your HVAC system or your health. Mold, mildew, frosted windows, even increased allergy or asthma problems can be traced back to moisture problems. As a side note, too little moisture or humidity can be responsible for nose bleeds as well as that dreaded shock from static electricity

3. Air Ducts
Probably everyone knows about dirty Air Ducts. Did you know Air ducts need to be sealed and not leaking air? You could lose 20 to 40 percent of your heated air from leaks in your air ducts and even draw outside air into your home or building negatively affecting your air quality. A Professional will check all your ducts to make sure they are in good shape and not twisted or kinked, as this can restrict airflow. It is important that your duct system properly circulate the air since the average duct system in the US is only slightly above 50% efficient.

Remember to take the initiative in keeping your HVAC system fine-tuned before the cold weather hits.

Whether you have an expensive HVAC system, or just a furnace, furnace service or routine maintenance can make all the difference in keeping you warm during those cold Addison TX winters.

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