Is your server room ready for the heat this summer?

Is your server room ready for the heat this summer?

We understand you have put a lot of time and effort into creating the perfect environment for the IT needs of your organization. The question you should ask yourself is, have you put the same amount of thought into your server room’s air conditions needs? Here at Blackall Mechanical, we believe your Computer Room Air Conditioning CRAC requirements should never be ignored as this can have a positive effect on the performance of your servers.

Making sure your CRAC requirements are met

Let’s start at the beginning, your CRAC needs to be calculated in terms of the BTU output needed to ensure the correct level of air conditioning is available. We have the knowledge and experience to make sure your servers are protected with the correct level of cooling to keep every server working efficiently. Making sure the initial calculations are completed correctly is vital to establishing the correct level of cooling for your servers and expensive IT equipment.

One of the most common problems we see is the incorrect establishment of the CRAC systems for your IT equipment. Using the same power source for your servers and for your air conditioning needs. This risks the chance of overload and is a common problem we see when our new customers call us with existing CRAC problems.

Preventative maintenance is key

One thing you should consider when making the decision about whether to work with Blackall Mechanical regarding your Computer Room Air Conditioning CRAC options is how much has been spent on your servers and IT equipment. If you look at the overall cost of your IT equipment and its importance to your company you will see you should be spending some time and money preventing downtime for your computer systems. We will work with your organization to develop a dedicated long-term service plan which we believe will ensure your organization is safe from the downtime those not choosing to work with Blackall Mechanical often see.

Maintaining your cooling capacity

For your servers to work correctly, you will need to ensure the filters serving your Computer Room Air Conditioners CRAC system are clean and working correctly. When filters are blocked and not working correctly you will experience a lower level of cooling capacity leading to the belts, motors, and every working part of your CRAC system working harder than needed.

Don’t forget about the electrical system

You will understand the need to monitor the filters and coolant within your CRAC but have you considered the electrical system working throughout each day. We believe you should take the time to tune up your system and keep it running to its full potential throughout each year. By monitoring your electrical equipment during planned maintenance periods we believe you can obtain lower costs and limit downtime due to often unforeseen issues in the electrical equipment serving your Computer Room Air Conditioning CRAC.


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