Does your HVAC provider offer a five year component repair guarantee?

Does your HVAC provider offer a five year component repair guarantee?

As you likely know, the cost of commercial HVAC repairs can quickly add up, especially in the event of an emergency. That’s why at Blackall Mechanical we offer a five year component repair guarantee to help our valued customers avoid unexpected and costly repairs, not to mention detrimental downtime!

Requirements of the Blackall five year component repair guarantee
Like any company that offers a guarantee on complex electrical components, we do want you to use our own technicians for your routine maintenance. In fact, we require it to ensure your equipment is being properly and routinely maintained. It’s also important that we’re familiar with your system and all prior work that’s been done to date.

With a Blackall Maintenance Plan combined with our five year guarantee, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy true peace-of-mind year round!

What does the Blackall five year component repair guarantee cover?
For HVAC equipment that operates during standard office hours (up to 55 hours per week), we’ll cover the parts and any accompanying labor charges associated with those parts for five years. Our guarantee covers the replacement of the parts during the course of our repairs on units we install, and for which we provide regular maintenance. For equipment that operates 24/7, our Materials Guarantee will be for two years.

Items not included in our guarantee are consumables such as filters, belts, contactors and switches – in addition to cooling towers, boilers, pumps, computer room units, humidifiers, and all associated hydronic (water-related) piping. The components that are covered include:

· Compressors
· Evaporator fan motors
· Pulleys, bearings and shaft
· Condenser fan motor(s)
· Condenser fan blade(s)
· Repairable and accessible refrigerant leaks (one year)
· Refrigerant reversing valve and solenoid
· Refrigerant driers and cores
· Refrigerant expansion valves and capillary tubes
· Refrigerant coils
· Transformers
· Factory circuit boards and logic boards (excluding DDC control systems)
· Thermostats (also excluding DDC control systems)
· Gas heat exchangers
· Condensate pans
· And more!

For a complete list of covered and non-covered items, be sure to ask your Blackall representative.

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