HVAC Pre summer tune up

HVAC Pre summer tune up

It costs a lot to replace an outdated air conditioning unit. One of the most common reasons the unit has to be replaced is a lack of maintenance. If the system isn’t nearing the 20-year mark, then it should be able to last for years with proper maintenance. Here are some HVAC pre-summer tune up tips we strongly recommend.

Change your air filters

Your air filters should be replaced every three or four months. This contributes to the overall efficiency of the system. If the filters are changed regularly, there will be less of a chance of clogging. Improved indoor air quality is another benefit of changing the air filter frequently.

Clean all vents and registers

Clean all vents and registers prior to the summer to get your AC ready for the summer. The vents and registers tend to get clogged during the summer months. An HVAC technician can oversee this process for you. The technician will remove excess dust, pet hair, and residue so that the airflow can be maximized.

Have your thermostat tested

The technician can perform testing to your thermostat to ensure that it is cycling properly through the cooling and heating cycles. Your technician will test the controls and perform any recalibration responsibilities as required.

Inspect ductwork

The ductwork is prone to leaking, and this causes air loss. An unresolved leak can drive up your energy costs by as much as 20 percent of energy bills. Any ductwork that needs to be repaired can be handled at that time. Any holes present in the ductwork can be sealed to minimize air leaks.

Inspect fan blades

Inspecting the fan blades is another thing that needs to be performed prior to the summer months. Fans present in the units are connected to the fan belt as a part of the fan assembly. Dust accumulated along the moving parts can wear down these parts and potentially lead to overheating. The technician will make sure that there are no bent blades or wear and tear that could lead to parts failure. The blades will be tested stationary and in motion.


Assess the air handler blower

Air handler blower motors are delicate. The air handler’s motor powers the unit. if the direct blower motor isn’t performing well, the sheaves will have to be adjusted. This is to prevent the belt from slipping unnecessarily. The technician will assess whether or not the air handler blower is in the best possible condition to maximize airflow.

Fan coil maintenance

The fan coil will be checked by the technician. The fan coil will be inspected for any debris or dusts that could cause the blades to become unstable and degrade the performance of the motor.

Lubricating the parts

The parts must be lubricated to minimize friction in the central components. The air conditioning system’s parts will operate smoothly, minimizing risks of serious damage to the system. Moving parts properly lubricated are less likely to overheat. Reducing risks of overheating minimizes chances of having the HVAC system fail.

Coolant levels checked

The technician will check the coolant levels to make sure that the system has adequate levels to sustain the performance. Coolant levels will be replenished as needed to prevent any premature wear and tear to the system. The low coolant levels will be examined further to verify that there is no unresolved leak that hasn’t been repaired.

Eliminate fire hazards

A comprehensive safety inspection will be performed. This is to ensure that the wiring and parts aren’t posing any potential safety risks for the units. The frayed wires can present a safety risk. Loose connections are also hidden dangers that can be addressed during a maintenance appointment.

Drain line clogs examined

Clogged condensate drain lines can leaks. Clogging can result from rust or dirt accumulation. The drain line will be cleared by the technician, which will protect your property from water damage. The technician will also verify that the drain line isn’t disconnected or improperly installed. The technician will ensure that the drain line fittings are appropriate and make sure that the system is securely attached to the drain line.

Your technician will know what needs to be done to prep your system for the summer months. The system will be tested, and parts will be replaced as necessary. All other preventive maintenance tasks recommended should be performed to your HVAC system prior to the summer months.

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