How does ionization of the air kill viruses?

How does ionization of the air kill viruses?

There has been a lot of buzz about ionizers that can control bacteria, fungi, and viruses in closed spaces. All people seem to talk about is this new technology that might help fight common viruses and bacteria. However, is this even possible? Can ionization of the air kill viruses? Does your HVAC in Addison TX need an ionizer?


Understanding ionization


Ionization is a process whereby an atom loses or gains an electron. An ionizer or ion-generator releases negative ions into the air in your home. These negative ions attach to the positive ions in the air, such as dust particles, airborne bacteria, and viruses.


The bonded molecules will have an increased weight that forces them to fall to the ground. Your air gets cleaner since all the dirt, bacteria, and viruses settle on the surface. It makes the atmosphere in your home cleaner and free of all unwanted particles. However, all the surfaces need to be cleaned or disinfected manually to eliminate bacteria and viruses.


An ionization unit for your HVAC system


Installing an ionization unit in your HVAC system helps with bacteria and virus control. In the past, the essential cleaning element has been using a filter. But, the filters are only useful when dealing with large particles rather the smaller molecular contaminants.


The ionization units are specifically designed to treat the small molecular contaminates. These units are energy efficient with smaller units using less than one watt. You get a small ion-generator or ionizer fitted in your HVAC, thus significantly increasing your indoor air quality.


The standalone ionization units are useful for small rooms and not entire homes or businesses.


They are a great alternative when your office or apartment doesn’t have a central air conditioner. However, you need to seek advice from a professional before deciding to get the standalone units. In some instances, your room may be too big to experience any significant benefits from the units.


Bipolar Ionization


You need to consider a bipolar ionization unit for your HVAC in Addison, TX. This system releases both negative and positive ions into the air. Understand that good air quality requires both the negative and positive charged ions.


The air in Texas generally has less than 80% of the required ions levels. In commercial or home properties, it is common to have lower ion levels because the same air gets recirculated continuously. Getting the bipolar ionization unit is the ideal solution.


The solution for a healthy home and working environment


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What you need for your HVAC in Addison TX is a contractor that understands the importance of indoor air quality. With improved air quality, you can get to live a healthier and happy lifestyle. With Blackall Mechanical, we start working on your project immediately.

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