Have you had your heating system checked

Have you had your heating system checked

Heater Safety in Addison TX

When was the last time you had your heating system checked? Here at Blackall Mechanical, we’ve seen how easily these things slip peoples’ minds. Other things seem more pressing, or the budget is stretched a bit for the month. Perhaps you just don’t see a problem that needs professional attention. This can be a serious mistake. We want you to know that heating system problems don’t always show themselves, but their effect may already be with you. Eventually, those problems will become very obvious and perhaps costly.

The Risk of Toxic Fumes

One risk that heating systems represent when they are not kept in good working order is the increase of toxic fumes. We can’t emphasize to you enough how unsafe and undetectable these fumes can be. They rise from faulty, worn out equipment. They build up. They make people sick. The effects can even turn dangerous.
One thing you can do to protect yourself is to install a carbon monoxide detector near your heating system. Another is to call us. We will do an inspection of your system, clean it up, make repairs, or recommend a complete replacement. We can give you tips on how to extend the life of your heating system and save yourself some money as well.

The Effect on Your Heating Bill

If you think you’re safe, then consider your pocketbook. A faulty system becomes more inefficient as time goes on. This means it has to work harder to keep you warm and comfortable. This results in rising heating bills, which can throw your entire budget off. Invest in your system. Our inspection and maintenance is an inexpensive way to have regular oversight on the heating system for your office or other commercial property. It’s a modest investment that can save you plenty of money later.

Other Safety Concerns

One of the things we’d like you to be aware of is the environment around the heating system. You can do a great deal to protect your furnace if you maintain an open area around it. Move boxes and other storage farther away from the system so that air can flow around it. Every heating system needs a certain amount of air flow to increase its efficiency.
A heating system does more than just heat the building; it filters the air as well. You can change furnace filters regularly so that they don’t get clogged. Allergens and other particles will be kept under control that way.

We Can Help

Finally, we want you to know that we’re dedicated to the safety of our community. This is why we want you to understand the importance of heater safety in Addison TX. We can provide the professional and experienced insight to keep your heater operating safely and efficiently. Give us a call today to learn more.

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