Five Year Component Repair Guarantee

BMI Five (5) Year Component Repair Guarantee

Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind on service repairs we provide. For equipment that operates during standard office hours (55 hours/week), we will cover, for five years, the parts (and labor associated with those parts) we replace during the course of our repairs on units we install and for which we provide regular maintenance. For equipment that operates 24/7 our Materials Guarantee will be for two (2) years.

Items not included are consumables such as filters, belts, contactors and switches. Equipment NOT covered includes Cooling Towers, Boilers, Pumps, Computer Room Units, Humidifiers and all associated Hydronic (water-related) piping. Below is a specific listing of covered and non-covered components and services that are typically part of a package, split system, air handler, fan coil, gas pack, heat pump, and water source heat pump unit.

Covered Components:
Internal to Unit:

  • Compressors
  • Evaporator Fan Motor(s)
  • Pulleys, Bearings, Shaft
  • Condenser Fan Motor(s)
  • Condenser Fan Blade(s)
  • Repairable and Accessible Refrigerant Leaks (1 year)
  • Refrigerant Reversing Valve & Solenoid
  • Refrigerant Driers and Cores
  • Refrigerant Expansion Valves & Capillary Tubes
  • Refrigerant Coils
  • Transformers
  • Factory Circuit Boards, Logic Boards (Excludes DDC Control Systems)
  • Thermostats and (Excludes DDC Control Systems)
  • Heat Exchangers (gas)
  • Condensate Pans

Non-Covered Components:

Internal to Unit:

  • Low Voltage & High Voltage Wiring
  • Fuses (Low Voltage & High Voltage)
  • Refrigerant, Refrigerant Access Valves and Schrader Cores
  • Desiccant wheels and canisters for humidity control

External of Unit:

  • Deterioration or Corrosion of Components or Structural Housings
  • Condenser Water Flow Controls, Strainers
  • Piping, Valves, & Check Valves
  • Gauges, Thermometers, and Pete’s Plugs
  • High Voltage Power, Wiring, Breakers, Starters, Disconnects.
  • DDC & Pneumatic Controls, Piping, Wiring, Software, Front Ends, etc.
  • Air Balancing, Damper Adjustment & Air Distribution
  • Smoke Detector and Fire Dampers
  • VAV Boxes and Air Dampers

General Exclusions:

  • All repairs on Guaranteed Materials will be performed during standard business hours
  • Damage resulting from abuse of equipment, vandalism and Acts of God
  • Crane and rigging
  • Moving of furniture to access equipment
  • Consequential damages to warranted parts resulting from failure of non-replaced parts
  • All Guaranteed Materials are voided if work performed by others.
  • Liability, if any, limited exclusively to the replacement of parts & labor performed by Blackall Mechanical, Inc.