Fall Is Coming: Will Your Boiler Pass Inspection?

Fall Is Coming: Will Your Boiler Pass Inspection?

Will Your Boiler Pass Inspection?

When the cold temperatures of winter roll around, the last thing you want in your building is to have a boiler that is not working properly. Therefore, it’s important that before Fall rolls around, you have your boiler inspected by trained professionals who can perform a heating system tune up and make any adjustments or repairs that may be needed. If you rely on a boiler for your building’s heating needs, here are some aspects of your boiler that will need to be checked, and why you should let the professionals at Blackall Mechanical use their experience and knowledge of these complex systems to keep your boiler in top working order.

Preseason Major Maintenance
Before the cool temperatures of Fall arrive, it’s always best to have a preseason major maintenance inspection performed by Blackall Mechanical. With over 135 years of combined experience, their technicians can accurately and reliably check your boiler’s most important parts to determine what’s working, what’s not, and what should be done regarding maintenance or repairs. For example, along with securing and draining the boiler, technicians can also perform such tasks as opening the fireside and waterside for cleaning and inspection, clean the water column sight glass, inspect the refractory, test safety and relief valves, clean and adjust ignition electrodes, check gas valves and replace vacuum tubes if needed, test all operating and limit controls, and many other important maintenance tasks needed to ensure you have a boiler that will be at its best once Fall arrives.

Seasonal Startup
When it gets about time for your building’s boiler to start being relied on more and more each day, it’s important to have a variety of aspects tested prior to and during a seasonal startup. For example, before startup, Blackall Mechanical recommends all boiler personnel thoroughly review the manufacturer’s guidelines for boiler and burners startup. Along with this, it’s also crucial to check the boiler’s fuel supply and auxiliary equipment operations, and to inspect all controls prior to startup. Once these tasks are done and the boiler is started up, always check the operating controls to make sure they are working properly, perform a combustion test, log the boiler’s operating conditions, and review all basic and advanced operating procedures with all personnel working in and around the boiler. See our BOILER MAINTENANCE CHECK LIST

Rely on Blackall Mechanical
When you’re ready to have a heating system tune up for your boiler, call on the expert technicians at Blackall Mechanical. A full-service HVAC and plumbing contractor considered one of the industry’s best, Blackall Mechanical can help you make sure your boiler will not only work well during the cold months ahead, but also do so as safely as possible. With their 135 years combined experience and constant training on the latest procedures in the HVAC and plumbing industry, there’s no better company to trust with your heating system needs than Blackall Mechanical. To schedule a heating system tune up for the Fall season, visit www.blackallmech.com to fill out a contact form or call 972-380-0880 today. Contact us today!