What is a commercial mechanical contractor?

What is a commercial mechanical contractor?

Commercial mechanical contractors work on mechanical systems that are used to run businesses. They handle many of the same responsibilities as engineers, plumbers and construction workers. As technicians, they work with their hands to make repairs and installations on machines, such as HVAC or Plumbing, that people use every day.


Mechanical contractors work on installing and repairing plumbing systems that include pipes, tanks and fixtures. They work on water-using appliances, such as sinks, drains, toilets and septic systems. The most common plumbing problems that they fix are water leaks, clogged drains and lack of water pressure.

Contractors handle plumbing emergencies that occur often in crowded homes and buildings. Burst pipes occur in freezing temperatures and cause large floods. Water leaks cause mold to form in some buildings. Plumbers may not be able to remove the mold, but they detect the leak that is its main source.

Professionals also perform inspections to prevent the need for emergency repairs. Some are hired to maintain plumbing once a year or every few years. They can perform energy audits to check the energy efficiency of each plumbing appliance.


Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems maintain comfortable temperatures within buildings. They can install new air conditioners for the summer or maintain heaters that run throughout the winter. In enclosed, windowless rooms, HVAC contractors install ventilation systems to increase the circulation of air.

Commercial Projects

Commercial mechanical contractors work in commercial buildings only, such as factories or office complexes. They work in buildings that support businesses with large number of clients and visitors. Their work varies from repairing small water tanks in public bathrooms to building large construction projects for multistory shopping malls.

For each project, mechanical contractors are supervisors for a team of workers. They consider the costs along with the amount of time, manpower and the types of materials needed. They ensure that the work is completed on time and within the allocated budget. They may hire subcontractors to take on additional assignments and meet the requirements.

Mechanical contractors are versatile professionals who are not just electricians or plumbers. They are skilled in working with their hands and using their minds to plan complex projects. They are able to install or remodel a wide range of plumbing, ventilation and refrigeration systems along with the machines that feed the systems. Consider the years of experience and the various skills as you look for the right commercial mechanical contractor.

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