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Blackall Mechanical – Growing to meet your needs!

Blackall Mechanical, your premier full-service heating, ventilation, HVAC and plumbing contractor, is pleased to announce our new office at 3724 Arapaho Road in Addison!  The state-of-the-art facility with over double the space provides us with even more space, resources and services to meet the growing needs of our valued customers!

Just some of the Blackall Benefits […]

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Is it time to replace your HVAC unit?

If you’re waiting for your HVAC unit to completely break down before replacing it, you may want to reconsider.  The fact is that your current unit, if more than 10 years old, could be costing you more than a new unit in comfort, expense and peace-of-mind.

Following are some of the telltale signs that could indicate […]

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Commercial HVAC Service/Repair

When your HVAC system stops working properly, it can quickly lead to an emergency for your operation.   If you’ve noticed diminished air flow or hot or cold spots on your property – or need frequent repairs – it’s time to schedule a commercial HVAC service call.

HVAC maintenance doesn’t cost you money…it saves money!

The best way […]

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R-22 Refrigerant Phase-out – What should you do?

Commonly known as Freon, R-22 was once the refrigerant of choice for air conditioning systems across the country.  However, its reclassification as an environmental danger has led to government restrictions and even a mandate to phase out R-22 completely by the end of this decade.

This means that as an owner or manager of a commercial […]

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AC Maintenance Checklist

With the hot summer weather already here – and the hottest months to come – it’s not too late to call an HVAC company for an inspection of your air conditioning unit.  A thorough inspection and preventative maintenance of your unit now will help you enjoy this summer in comfort and peace-of-mind – in addition […]

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HVAC Summertime Preventative Maintenance

When the summertime temperatures hit 100 plus degrees, the last thing you want is to be caught with a broken air conditioning unit.  Not only will you be sweltering from the unbearable heat, but you’ll also be sweating the blistering high cost of emergency repair or replacement!

That’s why you should call your professional Blackall Mechanical […]

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If you’ve experienced hail damage in your area, you know that your HVAC units could be at risk, causing your business downtime, lost productivity and expensive repair or replacement.  You can help protect your investment and reduce damage by adding hail guards to your HVAC equipment!


Equipment commonly impacted by hail includes condenser coils and fan […]

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Energy Management Systems (HVAC)

Did you know that recent studies conducted by the EPA have shown that, on average, 30% of the energy in commercial buildings is wasted?  And that an HVAC system typically makes up more than three quarters of a building’s energy use?  If you own or manage a commercial building, you can help eliminate waste and […]

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Rooftop HVAC Unit Replacement

If you own or manage a commercial building and are looking to replace your HVAC unit, there are many reasons to consider a rooftop system.  Rooftop units are not only simpler and less expensive to install; they also greatly enhance a building’s energy performance and comfort levels.  Other benefits of rooftop units include:


Flexibility.   Because rooftop […]

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Thanks again

I would like to thank you for being easy to do business with.  Jorge is very customer oriented.  I appreciate you doing this work without me being there.

Thanks again.
Robert – J-W Admin Company

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